Michigan Environmental Balancing Bureau (MEBB) is a member of the National Environmental Balancing Bureau (NEBB) established in 1971. NEBB is a nonprofit organization founded in 1971 to develop standards, procedures and programs for the performance of testing, balancing and commissioning of building systems; promote advancement of the industry through technical training and education; and operate programs to certify firms and qualify individuals who meet and maintain NEBB standards with integrity.

The NEBB program is designed and dedicated to assure proper testing, balancing and commissioning of environmental systems. NEBB operates four separate certification programs, which are:

  • Testing and Balance (TAB)
  • Building Systems Commissioning (BSC)
  • Retro Commissioning (RCx)
  • Sound & Vibration (S&V)
  • Building Enclosure Testing (BET)
  • Fume Hood (FH)
  • Cleanroom Testing (CPT)
  • Sound & Vibration (S&V)

Each program has its own set of certification requirements, and certification in one discipline does not provide certification in any of the other disciplines. Each certification must be attained individually. Each discipline is anchored by a NEBB Procedural Standards that provides guidelines for work to be performed. NEBB has also created technical manuals, training materials, and seminars to enhance and support each discipline.

NEBB certification is a detailed and demanding process. From inception every contractor certified by NEBB has been required to go through each step of the process. No firm, not even those of NEBB's "Founding Fathers", has been allowed to skip procedures, or been "grand fathered" for any of the certification requirements. NEBB does not permit short-circuiting the certification process.

The wide acceptance of NEBB and its stringent requirements have led to growing acceptance and expansion of the program. NEBB has firms located world-wide, including certified firms in Canada, Australia, Europe, and the Far East.


Michigan Environmental Balancing Bureau
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