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Testing, Adjusting & Balancing (TAB)

The purpose of NEBB's Testing Adjusting and Balancing (TAB) certification program is to offer tangible proof of competent firms and professionals qualified in the proper methods and procedures for testing building systems for optimum performance. The objectives of NEBB's TAB certification program are:

  • To establish industry standards, procedures and specifications for environmental systems TAB.
  • To set minimum educational standards and other requirements for the qualification of certified professionals who perform this work.
  • To establish educational programs for training certified professionals in the proper methods and procedures for environmental systems TAB.
  • To certify as qualified for the performance and supervision of environmental systems TAB, those firms who meet the requirements for certification as established by NEBB, who agree to comply with the objectives of NEBB, and who employ certified professionals who have met the NEBB Certification Board requirements for certification.
  • To serve as a clearinghouse for educational and technical materials pertinent to TAB work.

Building Enclosure Testing (BET)

Building Enclosure Testing (BET) is an important and growing field. It addresses a distinct need within the building and construction industry - the ability to test and quantitatively report the performance of the air-tightness of today's building enclosures.

BET is a process involving evaluation, verification, and documentation that the building's design and construction meet defined performance expectations. In addition to fewer water leakage/mold issues for both new construction and renovation projects, BET results in better building energy performance through improved thermal performance and decreased air leakage issues.

Building Systems Commissioning (BSC)

The NEBB Building Systems Commissioning (BSC) program affords assurance to building owners, architects, engineers and other agents that systems, sub-systems, equipment and interfaces with other building systems are installed, tested, and are operating in compliance with contract documents and within the scope of design requirements. Moreover, NEBB Certification in Building Systems Commissioning provides firms highly competent in their field and promotes proper execution of projects by insuring compliance with NEBB procedural standards.

The Building Systems Commissioning program builds upon NEBB's knowledge and expertise in certifying firms in various disciplines in the HVAC industry. The NEBB Procedural Standards for Building Systems Commissioning provides comprehensive guidance to a systematic development and implementation of commissioning. It describes organization, planning, procedures and methods to verify and document that performance of building systems is (or is not) in conformance with building specifications and contract documents

Fume Hood Testing (FHT)

As more facilities are using fume hoods in their research laboratories, there is a demand for certified, competent firms to make sure a facility's fume hoods are operating effectively.

Certification in Fume Hood Testing (FHT) will offer hospitals, laboratories, and educational facilities proof of technical knowledge, skills and instrumentation to test fume hoods for effectiveness.

Cleanroom Performance Testing (CPT)

If you are searching for a rewarding and high-tech career path, consider Cleanroom Performance Testing (CPT). Clean and controlled environments are used by a wide range of industries. From their more obvious uses in medical facilities to their necessity in integrated circuit manufacture, cleanrooms provide an essential role in modern production and research.

Industries that use clean rooms include biotechnology, pharmaceutical, microelectronics, medical, military and telecommunications. Cleanrooms are particularly important to the semiconductor industry. Various companies provide cleanroom design and construction, whether modular or facility-wide. Some clean "rooms" can even span an entire factory.

Technical Retro-Commissioning for Existing Buildings (RCX-EB)

Retro-Commissioning (RCx) is a significant business opportunity for contractors, TAB professionals, Engineering and Commissioning firms correcting under-performing buildings, improving indoor environment and comfort, and optimizing energy usage for aging facilities.

Technical RetroCommissioning of building systems drives deep, lasting energy savings for owners and managers of existing buildings by taking a holistic approach to energy efficiency. It covers building systems, energy using equipment, operating schedules, and optimizes how these elements perform together

Sound and Vibration Measurement (S&V)

The NEBB sound and vibration measurement is a valuable service to building owners who strive to maintain quality environments and minimize maintenance costs.

Sound measurement and analysis plays an important role in providing acceptable space usage for various commercial, manufacturing and industrial activities. Vibration measurement and analysis is a proven predictive maintenance activity that helps minimize repair and downtime costs for rotating machinery.

In our current business where building owners strive to maintain high occupancy and minimize maintenance costs, sound and vibration measurement and analysis, can help provide tangible cost savings.

All new NEBB operating documents can be found on the NEBB website under the governing documents tab.


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